Updates from Mr. Henninger

November 19, 2021

Dear Families,

The Brunswick High School late bus service will begin on Tuesday, November 30th. The bus will depart B.H.S. promptly at 4:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday when school is in session. To ride the late bus, your student will need to secure a blue late bus pass from their teacher or the main office. 

The late bus service will make the following stops: Click for the full letter with full details!

Winter Activities Offered at Brunswick High School

November 12, 2021

Dear Families,

As winter will soon be upon us and we're forced to spend more time indoors, I'd like to call your attention to all of the clubs and activities available at Brunswick High School(BHS). Specifically, I'd like to call to your attention a variety of drop-in activities available at BHS. In addition to a wide variety of clubs that meet regularly, students are invited to participate in the following activities:

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3 Ways to Receive BHS Announcements 

November 2, 2021

Dear Families,

The purpose of this letter is to call your attention to a few ways you can stay abreast of what is happening at BHS. Please consider using all of the following options:

#1: Apple or Android App
#2: BHS Website
#3: Signup on your PowerSchool Portal to receive them via email

Click here for directions to receive "BHS Daily Announcements"


OCT 13, 2021

Dear Families,

The purpose of this letter is to call your attention to our school-wide remote learning protocol
in the event Brunswick High School and the Off-Campus Learning Center must return to remote learning. You may review details of the BHS Remote Learning Plan through links in the attached. Students will follow their individual schedules according to the school’s bell schedule. Teachers will conduct classes on Google Meets and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom. All classes, including social-emotional learning (SEL)(FLEX period), special education services, and ESOL services will be taught synchronously through Google Meets mirroring the schedule a student goes through when in person.

Thank you for being aware of this possibility and prepared to help your student adjust to full
remote learning should the school need to return to that learning plan.
Troy P. Henninger

Click for BHS Remote Learning Plan!


SEP 23, 2021

Dear Families,

The purpose of this letter is to call your attention to a new student absence protocol effective immediately.  When a student will miss five or more consecutive days of school, for any excused reason, the student and parent/guardian must contact the student’s teachers via those teachers’ school e-mail to request the student’s course assignments while the student is absent.

Notwithstanding, teachers must provide the student’s course assignments to the student and parent/guardian via email or Google Classroom within the first three days of the student’s extended absence.  In the e-mail, each teacher will provide the student a list of assignments with due dates and other pertinent information and instructions.  Teachers must also schedule at least one communication with the student and parent/guardian (a brief phone and/or Google Meet) in the first four days of the student’s absence to ensure the student understands and can complete all assignments to the teacher’s satisfaction.

During the extended absence, teachers will update grades in PowerSchool as assignments are submitted.  If the student’s grade(s) do not appear in PowerSchool after three days from the assignment’s submission, students and parents/guardians should contact the teacher(s) of the course with the missing grade.  Additionally, students and parents/guardians should contact the student’s guidance counselor as needed, for assistance during the period of extended absence. 

Thank you for adhering to these new protocols that will help us ensure students are not falling behind during an extended absence.


Troy P Henninger


AUG 24, 2021

Dear Parent and Students,

Welcome to the 2021 – 2022 school year.  I hope you’ve been enjoying a wonderful summer in Maine and are ready for another year at Brunswick High School.

Over the summer, the staff and I have been busy preparing for your arrival.  In addition to extensive cleaning of the building, we have also trimmed trees and spruced up the grounds; the building and campus look great!  Also, the Off Campus Learning Center has moved from the Hawthorne School to Coffin School.  The newly renovated spaces of the Coffin School will enhance the learning experiences for students.  For students attending the Off Campus Learning Center, more information regarding this location change is forthcoming via e-mail from Mr. Routhier and Mr. Thompson.

We are delighted to announce our new staff members:  Ryan Bullock, Special Education Ed Tech; Bender Caiola, Social Studies; Brian Choate, Math; April Doane, Special Education; Trent Trombley, Custodian; Meredith Vogel, Social Worker; and Aaron Watson, Athletic Director.  When your paths cross, please help us welcome them to BHS.

For your planning purposes, August 30th is a full day for 9th & 10th grade students only, with lunch provided.  Mr. Gagnon and Ms. Cook will e-mail more information about the schedule for this day.  Students will spend this initial day engaged in a variety of orientation activities including ice breakers, introductions to their classes and teachers, meetings with guidance counselors, study skills advising and tours of the campus.  On August 31st, all students (9th – 12th) will be in session for the full day. Additionally, I refer you to the Superintendent’s letter datedAugust 19, 2021. The letter highlights key components of the School Board approved Health and Safety Plan. Please review the plan with your student before August 30th.

For new students and parents, please spend some time exploring the BHS website.  It is full of useful information, dates, names, forms, policies, and procedures covering a vast range of topics and questions you may have.  If you do not find specific information or answers to your questions on our website, please contact the main office reception.

As principal, I look forward to working with you to maintain a safe and enriching learning environment for all students.  Until our paths cross, welcome to Brunswick High School.


Troy P. Henninger


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