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The Brunswick School Department has embarked on developing a new Strategic Plan.

Following the expiration of the district’s most recent strategic plan at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, district leadership at Brunswick School Department (BSD) began preparing for a new strategic planning process. 

This process allows Brunswick School Department to reevaluate the district’s priorities and set goals for district performance in future school years. 

The district is excited to share important information about our strategic plan development and the wide range of stakeholders that will participate in the process. As the Superintendent, Dr. Potenziano will be working collaboratively with stakeholders to create our district’s strategy so that all students experience Brunswick Schools in a way that allows them to reach their greatest potential academically, physically, and socially-emotionally. To accomplish this, we will engage in the strategic planning process through five phases:  

  1. Process Design- Develop a process and timeline 

  2. Community Engagement- Solicit a wide range of stakeholders to participate in committees, facilitate focus groups, administer community-wide surveys

  3. Learning Phase- Analyze data 

  4. Strategic Plan Design Phase- Author foundational statements, core values, beliefs, priorities, and an action plan

  5. Communication Plan- Share the strategic plan with the greater Brunswick Community  

This process will be inclusive and involve input from various stakeholders. Working with Hanover Research, we will facilitate two parallel conversations between a Core Design Team and a Strategic Advisory Committee. The Core Design Team will review and provide feedback on all draft documents before they are sent to the school board for final approval. These two groups make up the BSD Strategic Plan Taskforce. Additionally, focus groups, and survey data will be gathered to further provide data and feedback from our community. Below is a description of each group and its primary purpose.

Core Design Team: This team will consist of key decision-makers responsible for planning the design of the district plan process. This group will finalize recommendations from the Advisory Committee, incorporate feedback from focus groups, and survey data, and author the action plan designed to achieve the strategic plan goals.   

Advisory Committee: This group is comprised of 30 key stakeholders such as school administrators, teachers, and parents. The committee will work together to draft and recommend key foundation statements, district priorities, core values, goals, and action steps. 

Focus Groups: These groups encompass multiple stakeholders in various sessions. Focus groups include students, staff, full community, affinity groups, and parent and community partners. These groups provide feedback through guided discussions around current and future work within Brunswick Schools.  

Advisory Committee

Dr. Phil Potenziano, Superintendent
Shawn Lambert, Asst. Superintendent
Suellyn Santiago, Chief Academic Officer
Dawn Blanchard, Dir. Human Resources
Tricia Faulkingham, Dir. Tech. Systems
Ruth Joyce, Asst. Dir. Special Education
Heather Blanchard, Principal HBS
Tim Gagnon, Asst. Principal BHS

School Board
Beth Bisson, Chair
Elizabeth Sokoloff
Erica Carley Harris

Town Council
Abby King

BSD Staff
Brigitta Valente
Andrea Feigner
Caitlyn D'Amour
Michelle Russo
Brian Pressley

Community Members
Jessie Chalmers
Hannah Chatalbash
Julie Criscitiello
Tom Farrell
Giff Jamison
Pamela Jenkins
Benedita Kakhuba
Marshall Shepard
Kathryn Stegeman

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