Cumberland County Designated Yellow

Dragon Nation,

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) released its color-coded designation earlier today. Cumberland, along with Androscoggin, Oxford, and York County, were all designated "yellow" until 12/31, when the DOE will do its next county color code update. As per the recently updated Community Sports guidelines from the Maine Principals Association (MPA), any school located in a county designated as "yellow" cannot offer any after-school athletics, including all practices and games, until the county is back in the "green." In short, because Brunswick High School is located in Cumberland County, all practices starting today are suspended until at least 12/31. I will give another update on this date.

Student-Athletes will be receiving communication from their coaches regarding virtual meetings and plans for individualized workouts and training sessions until we return to in-person practices.

Thank you very much for your patience and your continued support during these trying times. We will keep everyone posted once new information has been updated.

Thank you