In-Person Instruction Update and Survey

Dear Staff, Students, and Parents,

At their March 17 meeting, the Brunswick School Board directed me to expand in-person learning for students in grades K-12 to four or five days each week starting April 26, 2021. 

The next day, I met with my administrative team to help develop Brunswick School Department’s Strategic Action for a Flexible Education and Return (SAFER) plan. The SAFER plan will help us provide more in-person instruction and continued remote instruction for those families who choose it.

It will do so without compromising our commitment to safety or our core mission to provide high-quality education for the children of Brunswick.

After consulting with the administration, including the Directors of Transportation and Facilities, the Brunswick Education Association President, AFSCME President, and school physician Dr. Goodwin. I have determined the safest approach to follow will be increasing in-person programming to 4 days a week, with students in grades K-12 being able to attend school in-person on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  

Wednesday will be an asynchronous day for all students, and the district will continue to offer a 100% distance learning option.  

This change's anticipated implementation date is Monday, April 26, and the projected last student day for this year is June 17.

Please know that throughout this process, we will continue to work with our consulting school physician Dr. Goodwin as well as our school nurses.

To accomplish this, we need each of you to complete the BSD End of Year Programming Survey as soon as possible. 


Phillip J. Potenziano, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools