Solar Project

The Brunswick School Department (BSD) announced today that its Board has authorized Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Phil Potenziano, to negotiate a contract with Revision Energy so the school district can participate in Net Energy Billing (NEB) Credit Purchase and Sale Agreement.

The program allows Maine electricity customers, including the school district—all its offices and schools—to reduce their electric bills by agreeing to use the output from renewable energy generators. The ability to take advantage of the program was recently expanded statewide, and School Board Chair William Thompson said signing on was an easy decision.

“Saving money and using renewable energy are both positive outcomes,” said Thompson. “It’s good for the bottom line and sends the right message to our students about conservation and preserving natural resources.”

Each month, BSD will receive a dollar credit on its electricity bill equal to the amount of energy (kWh) produced. The savings are realized because the rate paid to the developer, Revision Energy, is less than the dollar credit the utility applies to the bill (21.5% savings applied to the value of credits), so the potential savings are substantial.

“We are always looking for ways to maximize our budgets, and by working with Revision Energy our school department can be better stewards of our funding resources,” said Dr. Potenziano, BSD Superintendent.

Revision Energy provides the design, permitting, financing, and installation of the NEB solar project at no cost to customers, and in turn, customers get renewable energy without capital outlay or the complexity of ownership. 

The Brunswick School Department anticipates using energy output from the NEB sources beginning in early 2022.