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November 3, 2021

Dear Parent or Guardian:

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children 5-11 years old has now been authorized.  Vaccinating our children is the next step we can take in helping to end the pandemic. We are pleased to partner with Mid Coast Hospital to host pediatric vaccination clinics in November:

  • Community clinics will be held at Coffin Elementary School November 8-17.  These are open to any child ages 5-11.  To sign your child up for the Mid Coast Hospital clinic at Coffin School, please visit to make an appointment.
  • A Brunswick School Department clinic will be held at Kate Furbish Elementary School November 22 10 am – 1 pm.  This clinic is only open to students at Kate Furbish Elementary School, Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School, and Brunswick Junior High School.  Students from HBS and BJHS will be bussed between their school and the clinic.  To sign your child up for the clinic at Kate Furbish Elementary School, please complete the Registration, Consent, and CDC Pre Vaccination Checklist and return to school by November 18. All documents can be found through the links provided. (The Consent Form must be signed by a parent or guardian. Please skip question 1 on the CDC Pre Vaccination Checklist regarding how your child feels. If your child is feeling unwell, please keep them home.)

We understand that everyone’s path to health is different. Below are some important things to consider when making a decision about COVID-19 vaccination for your child.

  • The vaccine was authorized after studies showed it is safe and effective. 
  • COVID-19 virus variants are causing widespread infections among young people in Maine. The Pfizer vaccine is effective against the variants. 
  • The vaccine will help prevent your child from transmitting the virus to others. 
  • Getting your child vaccinated before the holiday season will help protect your child, as well as friends and family, from COVID-19 infection. 

The FDA & CDC will provide more information about COVID-19 vaccination for children age 5-11 years old very shortly. To learn more right now, visit this trusted resource:

We urge you to stay safe by continuing to follow CDC guidance. Wear a mask indoors in public settings or gatherings, continue to practice hand hygiene and get a COVID-19 vaccine booster if it is recommended for you. 

Thank you for doing your part to protect yourself, your family and your community during this time.


Phillip J. Potenziano
Superintendent of Schools