Code of Ethics Winners this week are: 
6th grade: Georgia Sinclair
7th grade: Caleb Gould
8th grade:Jakob Main


Bells will be turned off during testing times today!

Bus Change: Bus 15 is Bus 44 until further notice. 
                       Bus 13 will be bus 45 until further notice
                       Bus 59 will be bus 54 until further notice.
                       BUS 54 will be BUS 18 permanently 
                       BUS 46 will be BUS 51 permanently 

Congratulations BJHS MATH TEAMS!  It was another great showing.  The following students had exceptional results - 

Meet #3 Sean Funderburk - First Place for 7th Grade
Meet #4 Lucy Russell - First Place for 6th Grade
Meet #4 Sean Funderburk - Third Place for 7th Grade 
Our BJHS teams also had stellar results - 

Meet #3 6th grade came in 12th place and then came in 2nd place for Meet #4.
Meet #3 7th grade came in 2nd place and finished the last one in 6th place.
8th grade came in 15th place and 6th place overall.  

Well done teams!  Here’s to another successful year.

Chess Club is canceled for this week. No chess Club this week.
REMINDER:  Water only is allowed during school hours!  This includes lunch period !  No energy drinks, coffee, soda, etc.

And now an exciting opportunity from the Art Department... The art department with support from visiting artist, Ryan Adams, will be painting Murals for the Cafeteria Courtyard.  Any students interested in being part of the painting crew should check in with Mrs McCarthy or Ms Bucknam.  We will be painting after school this Thursday and Friday from 2:30 until 4 pm.  Please make arrangements to stay if you would like to paint.  

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month!  But what is mental health you ask? Per the CDC mental
Health includes our psychological, emotional and social well being. It affects how we act, feel and think. It helps determine how we deal with stress, relate to others 
and our ability to make healthy choices. Mental health is important and so are you!

Yearbooks can still be ordered online - There is a limited supply - don’t delay - order today!



Track- 6th grade only-- Bus to HS, 245-4:00 PIck up at BHS
 NO 7&8th practice

8th Baseball: 3-4:30. Bus 16 to Edwards
Dismiss 2:25, Bus 2:35

7th Baseball- 5pm-6:10 (shortened practice) Edwards Field

7/8 Softball Practice At Edwards, 3-4:30
Dismiss 2:25, Bus 2:35

Girls LAX: 3-4 (shorten practice)
Boys LAX- 3:-4:30 (early practice)

Daily Activities and Club List

  • Monday

    • Civil Rights Team meets at 2:35 to 3:30 in Room 312 

    • “Whose Crime Is It Anyway?” from 2:35-3:45 in room 204

  • Tuesday

    • Student Council meets after the walker bell in room 317

    • 6th Grade Math Team 2:35-4:00 in the Library

    • Advanced Choir 7:05 am in the chorus room

    • Creative Writing Club in Room 311-2:45-4:00

  • Wednesday 

    • Homework Club in the Nurse's Office at the walker bell 

    • 6th Grade Math Team 7:15-7:45 am

    • 8th Grade Math Team 7:00-7:45 am Room 208  

  • Thursday 

    • Yearbook Club - next meeting April 13

    • Coffin Food Market - Open to all Brunswick Residents with school aged kids - Market is open from 3 to 5 pm weekly.

    • Chess Club in room 312 from the walker bell until 4 - Canceled 5/11/23

    • Robotics Club 

  • Friday 

    • Q&A Club in the Cafeteria starting at the Walker Bell and ends at 3:45

    • Advanced Choir 7:05 am in the chorus room