Family Code Night - 2nd Opportunity on 12/9 at 6pm!

If you missed Family Code Night due to the power outages, you have another chance to participate on December 9th at 6:00pm!

HBS & KFS are pleased to invite every one of our families to participate in National Family Code Nights, a free live-stream family learning event for any K-5 school, on December 9th at 6:00pm. Regardless of physical location, our school’s community can share this wonderful learning experience in which each child pairs up with a parent or other older partner to do their very first hour of coding together!  No experience needed!  It’s great fun, proven in thousands of schools nationwide, and now provided via a live-stream.  

Family members, teachers and educators can join the live-stream from home or school to enjoy an important, delightful experience.  A live prize drawing for a Home Robotics Bundle from Wonder Workshop will be featured at each National Family Code Night.  So save the date and get ready for a community learning experience the whole family will love and value.

To see more information and get the joining link, check out this document!This wonderful opportunity is sponsored by

If attending, you can participate on any computer, tablet, or Chromebook with internet access.