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January 26. 2022

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff Members:

Please remember to notify your school nurse when you/your child tests positive for COVID.  This is important because schools need to monitor those who are COVID-positive and must notify the Maine CDC of positive test results.  Also, individuals who test positive must be excluded from pooled testing for 90 days.  Otherwise, they will cause their pools to be positive when there is no one in the pool who is actively positive.  This causes unnecessary stress and work for those who are in the pools or who are monitoring the pools.

To help streamline the notification process, we have developed school-specific forms to complete when your/your child tests positive for COVID.  Links to the forms are on the school webpages.  Simply click the REPORT POSITIVE COVID-19 TEST RESULTS on your school’s webpage.  Links to each form can also be found on the district webpage and below:

Kate Furbish Elementary School

Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School

Brunswick Junior High School

Brunswick High School

Stay warm!  And thanks for your continued support.


Shawn Lambert

Assistant Superintendent