Brunswick Schools will have a two-hour delay on Monday, December 4, 2023. This includes Region 10.
2 days ago, Phil Potenziano
2 Hour Delay
Coding with Sphero Indis Robots The students in Ms. Parker's Harriet Beecher Stowe School class earned a party day by earning pom poms to add to their jar. It’s been a big hit so far! They earn pom poms by being safe, respectful, and responsible. Part of their special day included Sphero Indi robot cars. These awesome cars are like magic—they follow codes when they roll over different colored tiles! We had a big challenge: figure out what each color makes the car do and then make a special design to guide the car. It was like a colorful puzzle! We worked together to crack the code and create awesome paths for our robot friends. It was so much fun, and we felt like real engineers! #SpheroFun #RobotAdventures #teambrunswickme
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Student Coding
Student Coding
Robot Coding
In Mrs. Wilson's (Harriet Beecher Stowe School) bustling third-grade classroom, students extend their learning beyond textbooks. They craft "Joy Cards" with the sentiment "You bring joy to HBS." These small tokens of positivity are created during their choice time. These heartfelt gestures, distributed throughout the entire school to all children and adults, create a harmonious atmosphere where kindness becomes a lesson learned outside the conventional curriculum. #teambrunswickme #joycards #studentwriting #brunswickmaine #liveworkmaine
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Students and Principal
Joy Cards
On this Veterans Day, we honor those who honored our country with its highest form of service: Those who once wore the uniform of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard. We owe you our thanks. We owe you our respect. And we owe you our freedom. Friendly reminder that all schools and district offices are closed today, Friday, November 10th, in observance of Veterans Day. #teambrunswickme
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Thank You Veterans
It's important to take care of our mental health. If you or someone you know is struggling, help is always available. Remember, you are not alone. Don't be afraid to reach out for support. Help is available. Sending you all love & light during this difficult time. #teambrunswickme
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Mental Health Support Numbers
October 26, 2023 6:00 PM Dear Staff, Parents, and Students: Once again, our nation and now our beloved State of Maine are mourning after another senseless and tragic mass shooting. Never, never, in my lifetime did I believe this could ever happen in Maine, yet here we are. My thoughts go out to the individuals who've lost their lives, the victims still in critical care, their families, first responders, and everyone affected by this atrocious act of violence. Many in Brunswick are personally affected by this tragedy and are mourning the loss of friends and family. ​ My thoughts go out to them, and I also​ recognize that many of our staff members are residents of the Lewiston and Lisbon areas. My highest priority was and remains our Brunswick students' and staff's safety and security. Today, I met several times with members of our District Crisis Response Team. I have also communicated numerous times with Brunswick Chief of Police Stewart and area school superintendents. Due to the devastating impact this event has had on our staff, students, and families, as well as our community's safety, I decided to close school for students and all staff again on Friday, October 27. On Monday, October 30, the Brunswick School Department will have a two (2) hour delay of school. This additional time will allow our staff to carefully prepare for conversations with our students and how we can best support them during this difficult time. Just to remind you, there are resources for families located here. I hope they are helpful to you. Thank you in advance for working with us to support our students and staff during this horrible tragedy. Sincerely, Superintendent Potenziano
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Supt. Banner
Brunswick Schools will be closed today - Thursday, October 26 - due to the shelter-in-place and ongoing search for a person of interest in last evening's tragedy in Lewiston that impacts many of our staff and families. All school offices will be closed as we urge folks to remain off the roads as much as possible. Information on resources for supporting students and adults in the face of this tragedy will be shared by email later this morning. Sincerely, Superintendent Potenziano
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Supt. Banner
10/25/2023 10:30 PM Good evening; As a result of the active shooter events currently ongoing in Lewiston and the unknown impact this will have on our Students, Staff, and Brunswick Families, the decision has been made to close schools tomorrow, 10/26/23. We will continue to monitor the situation and share updates as they become available. Sincerely, Superintendent Potenziano
about 1 month ago, Phil Potenziano
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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Brunswick Buzz! In this installment, we're thrilled to have Sarah Rodgers from the Cathance River Education Alliance as our special guest. Join us as we dive into the vital role the alliance plays in supporting the science curriculum in Brunswick schools. Sarah shares insights into the innovative programs, hands-on experiences, and educational resources provided by the alliance, enhancing the science education of local students. If you're curious about the fascinating intersection of nature, education, and community engagement, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in and discover how the Cathance River Education Alliance is making a difference in Brunswick schools and inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards.
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Don't forget to update your PowerSchool enrollment forms! If you need assistance, email our tech team: or call #207-319-1990
4 months ago, Office of the Superintendent
We are pleased to share that we have a new way to update all the required information that the school asks for each year! This entire process is now paperless and it happens in Powerschool. You will no longer receive the large packet of papers on the first day of school! We are starting this new process early in hopes to get student information current before school starts. ​ ​ To view the update from our Technology Department:
5 months ago, Office of the Superintendent
Brunswick Schools will be closed Monday, 1/23 due to a snow storm. All games and practices are canceled. We hope all our Students, Staff, and Families stay safe & warm.
11 months ago, Phil Potenziano
Snow Day Message
Due to a winter storm, Brunswick Schools will be closed on Friday, January 20, 2023. All games and practices are canceled. Please be safe!
11 months ago, Phil Potenziano
November 15, 2022 Good Morning: Please be aware that there have been multiple reports of violent intruders in Maine high schools this morning. Based on law enforcement investigations, no reports have been confirmed and these appear to be hoaxes. Brunswick schools have dynamic and comprehensive safety and security protocols and ALL exterior doors are locked throughout the day. We are closely monitoring this situation and will provide updates as they are warranted. Thank you. Shawn Lambert, Assistant Superintendent
about 1 year ago, Office of the Superintendent
We are seeking your input on the development of the 2023-2024 school calendar. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback with the BSD. Ultimately, it is the decision of the Brunswick School Board in establishing the school calendar. The BSD Administration and School Board values your input in this process. Take the survey here: Survey will close on Friday, September 16, 2022
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We are encouraging all BSD families to complete the Student Meal Benefits Application. Each qualifying application brings federal funds back to OUR schools. You may apply online at:
about 1 year ago, Office of the Superintendent
School Lunch Application
Hello Brunswick Families: We’re excited for another great school year in Brunswick! As a reminder, school starts on Monday, 8/29/22 for students in grades PreK, K, 3, 6, and 9. All students return on Tuesday, 8/30/22. Please note there is no school on Friday, 9/2/22 or on Monday, 9/5/22 (Labor Day). We’ve also updated our COVID protocols. They can be found at We can’t wait to see you!
over 1 year ago, Shawn Lambert
According to, 95% of teens in the U.S. are online, and the vast majority access the internet on their mobile device, making it the most common medium for cyber bullying.
about 2 years ago, Dan Dearing
cyber bullying
Did you know about 1 million passwords are compromised a week? To prevent this, experts recommend creating a passphrase! So what exactly is a passphrase? It is a sentence-like string of words that is longer than a traditional password, easy to remember and difficult to crack.
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Have you seen an increase in sensationalized headlines? That’s Clickbait, a post that is designed to get attention, even if the article is fake/misleading. Here’s a simple way to avoid: if it tells you how to feel instead of letting you come up with your own reaction, don’t click!
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click bait