Celebrate the work of Brunswick students, and others from across the state of Maine in the first virtual Portland Museum of Art & YAM exhibit.
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YAM Poster
On Wednesdays, the KFS custodial team disinfects surfaces throughout the school. This week they are also swapping out all the air filters. #teambrunswickme --
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Staff Cleaning
Here's the latest group of Transportation Staff recognized for a "Job-Well-Done" with the Schooltes Award. Current Award Winners are in the photo: Leo Theberge - Andy Demmons- Frank Sodergren - Cindie Hilton - John Favreau -Ron Dodson - Donna Dumas - Butch Thibeault (not pictured) Schootles is a recognition, a compliment, or pat on the back for a job well-done award.  An award for doing something exemplary or well earned praise for bus drivers and van drivers.   Schooltles can be passed along by colleagues, staff, administrators, parents, school board members, community members, and students by sending an email to the Director of Transportation, Michelle Caron mcaron@brunswicksd.org explaining why the driver should have Schooltles on display on the dashboard of their vehicle. If you see Schooltles on the dash, be sure to ask the driver what they did to earn Schooltles.  Simply ask, "Hey, you got Schooltles. What did you do?" Schooltles will be riding this week on Van 13 with Butch Thibealut for covering bus runs during COVID19 when other drivers when quarantined, and he wanted to do less driving but drove more when needed!!
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Bus Drivers
The issues with PowerSchool have been resolved. All users will now have access to their PowerSchool accounts.
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Sometimes our schools are down a staff member - and our building administrators pitch in and teach a class. Today at HBS, we were down a PE teacher and Asst. Principal Harris jumped in to teach PE! Due to the frigid outside temps, the class had to be held inside. 
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Inside PE at HBS
National Honor Society Read Aloud Project Under the direction of BHS Science Teacher and NHS Advisor Susan Perkins, and NHS officers Sam Foye, Maggie Johnson, Delia Braillard, Audrey Pantaz, Daniel MacKillop, and Isaac Albaugh, our National Honor Society has embarked upon a read-aloud project between NHS members and students at Kate Furbish and Harriet Beecher Stowe. BHS students are read selected children’s stories virtually (live) and record stories for later use. NHS would like to thank librarians Daurene Jerome, Margy Soule, and Heather Martin. #teambrunswickme #brunswickmaine #nationalhonorsociety #brunswickmehighschool #readaloud #highschoolstudents #maine
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student with book
BHS Jr. Henry Heyburn recently helped the ME Dept of Marine Science, Sea Run Fisheries, restoring Atlantic salmon populations across the state. Henry assisted with planting 40,000 eggs in the Sandy River. #serviceaboveself #communityoutreach #extendedlearning
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Salmon Introduction Sandy River
With warmer temperatures this week, bus drivers and mechanics are power washing our buses with the tool we call the “Hurricane” - Keeping the salt off our buses helps extend the use - plus, they look better! #teambrunswickme #brunswickmaine #schoolbus #schoolbusdriversrock --
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Bus Clean
Bus Clean 2
A Purple Conversation BHS Social Studies Teacher Mike Misner recently had his students screen the film Purple. Designed to build greater empathy and recognition in the face of deepening U.S. divides the short film PURPLE models a rare conversation that uplifts and inspires even while going toward the heat of passionate political differences. In a time of immense division, PURPLE tells everyday Americans' story with opposing viewpoints confronting their disagreements head-on and discovering the humanity and concerns that lie behind each other’s positions.
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Film Purple Conversation Flyer
Mrs. Canfield, is pictured leading an online math Response to Intervention session. RTI staff at Kate Furbish School provide a range of targeted in-person and online supports for students. #teambrunswickme #brunswickmaine #teacher #responsetointervention
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Mrs. Canfield
As part of the 2021 Maine Arts Educ. Advocacy Day BJHS students Seabren Reeves, Darby Brown, Nieve Logan, & Maya Helean gave a video presentation about the impact art educ. has had on their lives. Attendees included Stakeholders & Legislators, Educ. Comm. Makin & Gov. Mills.
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Maine Arts Students Zoom Photo
During February school break, our facilities and grounds crews continue to work hard to keep our buildings and grounds safe and clean! They also happen to have a good sense of humor! Thank You for getting the job done. #teambrunswickme
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Spraying Table
Wiping Surfaces
Cleaning Floor
Silly Custodian Sleeping
Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the Love! #teambrunswickme
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heart cut outs
KFS students and staff celebrated eating across the rainbow this week as part of our annual 5210 Let’s Go Colors Week.
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staff in color outfits
Mr. Louis Sullivan's 5th-grade students dressed up as characters and shared their writing of a historical fiction story about a character who had experienced a moment in history relating to exploration. 
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Students in Historical Clothing
Students in Historical Clothing
Last night the Brunswick School Board passed a resolution prioritizing school district personnel in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.   https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1119773/02_10_21_Resolution.pdf
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Superintendent Banner
At the end of school yesterday, HBS Assistant Principal Harris was seen cleaning off staff's cars. Each time he saw a staff member leave the building, he rushed over and cleaned the car off. Such a random act of kindness! #payitforward #strongertogether
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Man Cleaning Car Off
The Brunswick Community Education Foundation – BCEF – is an independent non-profit organization committed to supporting students in Brunswick’s public schools. Take a lunch break at Portland Pie and support Brunswick Community Education Foundation (BCEF)! BCEF is delighted to be partnering with Portland Pie to offer a fundraiser throughout the school year to support innovative grants for our schools. Kids eat free with the purchase of a 16" pizza every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 am-1 pm.
26 days ago, Phil Potenziano
BCEF Kids Drawing
During this long cold - snowy Maine winter, the BSD Grounds Crew Team, a crew of unsung heroes, if ever there was one, gets the job done no matter the time of day or the amount of snow! Thank You! Keep up the good work.
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Truck Plowing Snow
Tractor plowing snow
Staff recently greeted students entering the Harriet Beecher Stowe in celebration of Colors Week! The HBS school lunch program is promoting healthy eating habits and celebrating "Healthy and Colorful" foods! Students will be sampling different types of fruit this week.
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Staff in Colorful Costumes